Putting Art to Work


Why Expressive Painting?

Using the tools of paper, paint and brush, children and adults are given the freedom to express themselves with colors, strokes and images in a mobile studio setting.  What results is images that come from within that needs to be expressed. Emotions get released through the choice of colors and strokes in a safe and organic way, as a result children and adults become less anxious and aggressive and more relaxed and peaceful as stress and painful emotions get released. 

This approach is based on the research of Arno Stern, Founder of the Research Institute of Semiology of Expression (RISE), Paris. 

Why Expressive Sandwork?

Expressive Sandwork was born out of a solidarity with deprived communities, it is modeled from  Margaret Lowenfield's Worlds Technique and Dora Kalf's Sandplay Therapy which is based on the psychology of C G Jung.  Using a specially designed sandbox and a variety of miniatures, participants make visible their inner world in a safe and protected space.

This non-verbal, cross cultural method of psychological help has been developed by the International Association for Expressive Sandwork (IAES) for the use of volunteers without any formal psychological training to be of service to children who have experienced trauma.

Our Approach to the Arts

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What is Participatory Arts?

We design and conduct community based art projects designed to provide a social & creative outlet that promotes well-being. 

We focus on the therapeutic, transformative powers of  art making, creativity and play in fostering human growth, development and healing. These creative approaches allow both children and adults alike to express themselves in a safe way that activates their own healing resources from within, giving them an avenue for transformation and empowering them to change the stories of their lives.  

We work with all sectors of society but prioritize marginalized communities. We collaborate with schools, shelters, orphanages, community organizations, and hospitals to increase their capacity in caring for their most vulnerable beneficiaries.

What is Arts in Health?

We design and conduct programs in hospitals and healthcare settings that support people through their recovery and increase social engagement.

Art can improve the health of people who experience health problems. Engaging in the arts can promote prevention of disease and build wellbeing. The arts can improve healthcare environments and benefit staff retention and professional development.

In 2011, the British Medical Association published a paper on 'The psychological and social needs of patients' which found that art has the following benefits: 

• inducing positive physiological and psychological changes in clinical outcomes

• reducing drug consumption

• shortening length of hospital stay

• promoting better doctor-patient relationships

• improving mental healthcare

We work with therapist, counselors, Psychologist, Psychiatrist and other health professionals through our Arts on Prescription program


Is art an evidence-based approach? Yes!