Our projects


Trafficked Girls

Since 2015

 SUKA Society - Expressive Art sessions for trafficked women and girls living in Protection Homes. 

Children from Vulnerable Communities

Since 2016

 Al-Iklas Refugee School - Rohingya children using Expressive Sandwork.

PT Foundation 2nd Chances Program - Expressive Sandwork with children living with HIV/AIDS 

Yayasan Chow Kit -  Expressive Sandwork with at-risk children.

HumanAid - Rohingya children using Expressive Sandwork.

Inner City

Since 2018

Pit Stop Cafe - Expressive Art for the people living and working in the inner city of Kuala Lumpur.  Pit Stop Cafe serves food to the homeless.





“You have no idea how successful your program has been...the kids have shown tremendous improvement in attitudes during class and all this has been happening since day one itself. Its amazing...like magic.

In working with our beneficiaries, our aim is to see the following:

  • Decreased levels of anxiety and aggression
  • Better relationship with themselves:  improved self-image, confidence, creativity and persistence
  • Better relationship with others:  improved communication, empathy, expressing emotions and self-assertion
  • Progress in cognitive processes: improved attention, concentration and learning abilities

As a result of our work we want to see tangible benefits such as

  • Improved school attendance
  • Improved performance in school or work
  • Improved participation in community life 

In working with our volunteers, it is our aim to see the following:

  • Confident and responsible use of the techniques taught
  • Greater self-awareness and self-leadership
  • Increased empathy for others that transforms every aspect of their life.
  • A sense of empowerment and creativity to be able to affect change even if in just one life.