Our Team

We are a community of volunteers. Ordinary people from all walks of life from home-makers to students to professionals, business owners, mental health professionals to retirees who come together to be of service.


Pam Guneratnam


Pam Guneratnam (M. Sc.)  is a Psychologist by training, she is registered Counselor and recipient of the distinguish alumni award from Richmont Graduate University. She founded a non-profit counseling center that has provided counseling services to the community for the last 20 years. She has specialized training in Expressive Art, Process Painting and Sandplay Therapy. Pam is a trainer of Expressive Sandwork by the International Association for Expressive Sandwork.


Jeannie Low

Program Manager Expressive Arts

Jeannie has worn multiple hats -  Trained in Information Technology, she has worked in the Peruvian Embassy, in a church and an online fund raising organization. She enjoys photography and the stories that this creative medium lets her share. Connecting people and communities in a way that leaves both individual and the community better off is Jeannie's passion. Jeannie is trained in Expressive Arts and she trains volunteers in using the arts to positively impact communities.

Melanie Shobha

Project manager Expressive Sandwork

Melanie is a registered counselor, play therapist in training and former primary school teacher. Her love for children and improving their well-being has been part of her entire career. She is also a mother of two. When Dr. Eva Pattis-Zoja one of the founders of Expressive Sandwork came to Malaysia in 2016 to train the pioneer group of volunteers, Melanie was quick to sign up. Since then she has been in almost every project in some capacity. Her passion for children and her wide variety of experiences in Expressive Sandwork over multiple projects has earned her the role of leading others in improving the lives of vulnerable children.