What Our Project Partners Say

Tharini Cecil

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Dennis Chan



"I strongly felt that this activity is a form of painting which empowers victims to find a more courageous and meaningful participation in their lives through the expressive arts. What was so fabulous about the program was taking the inward journey in a safe environment."



"You have no idea how successful the project has been...the kids have shown a tremendous improvement in attitudes during class and all this has been happening from day one itself. It's amazing...like magic."

Tuan Noor Hasini



"The attendance has been near perfect, this is very rare!  The children love coming and the parents are very happy with the changes they have seen with the children. We really value this program and know it is very good for our children."

What our Volunteers Say...

The whole experience has been eye-opening. It was not easy to withold judgments and curiosity but what I have learned is that was is really important is that acceptance and attention is what matters.
— Kar Yen
The experience has been so interesting. It amazes me how the kids communicate their inner concerns through playing.
— Sangeetha
This program has helped me to improve my non-verbal skills
— Edward
I found it was an amazing journey over the twelve weeks. The Expressive Sandwork did help the children from this community. The energy from the group has helped the children to show their vulnerability and expressions in their play. The children definitely have gain something from these sessions, this can be seen in their work and their behaviour after the sessions.
— Melanie
I learn how to be more understand people and become more appreciated people around me. From this program I learn that sometime people not really want communicated but only be with them and accompany them to encourage them to proceed their life.
— Siti Najwa